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Mental Health Workshops

Workshops start in January. Workshops are available online or in person and for adolescents and adults.


A 2-day workshop exploring, identifying, and examining the critical and chastising inner voice. Increase your awareness on how your thoughts can create & support stagnation and impede your leaps forward.

This workshop will cover:

  • Diving into the thinking patterns that reinforce the deconstruction of your confidence.
  • Recognizing restricting thoughts that challenge your competence.
  • Taking on thoughts that magnify challenges and lend to self-doubt.
  • Quieting persistent and internalized opposing views of self.
  • Identifying internal language that robs you of forward motion.


A 1-day workshop dedicated to building capacity within a strengths-based mindset.  Create a life worth living through nurtured competence and renewed self-concept.  

This workshop will cover:

  • Creating a life worth living
  • Developing the elements for optimal functioning.
  • Boosting your ability to thrive in the midst of hardship.
  • Examining character strengths.
  • Increasing personal and interpersonal well-being

Mental Health Coaching Series

Silencing Your Inner Critic 

Learn the art of self-love by erasing the thoughts that are holding you back and live judgement free. In this series you will learn the necessary tools to rid yourself of the negative thought patterns that give rise to self-doubt, low self-esteem, fear and stagnation. 

This series is designed to explore and expand upon the fundamentals of self-compassion to establish a confidence in personal strengths, positive self-regard and kindness towards oneself. 

This thirteen week journey is therapist lead, utilizes evidence based practices and harnesses the power of mental health coaching strategies to stifle negativity and increase self-love.

This series meets once weekly with sessions available online or in person.  Adolescent and adult series available.

For more details call Shavon at 720-505-3426.

Managing and Expressing Emotions

Are you looking to improve your emotional experiences? There are times where it can seem our emotions are out of grasp, all encompassing and an entity of their own.  This series will help you gain power and use it to yield heathier processing and expressing of your emotions. This series is designed to positionally uplift and graduate you to your most powerful and successful level of emotional influence by mastering skills that allow you to break free of confinement and step into enlightenment, appreciation and fulfillment. 

In nine short weeks you will learn and actively participate in therapeutic interventions which challenge and reset your current branding of emotional understanding, expression and reciprocal interpretation. You will learn to balance your feelings and raise your value and investment in interpersonal relationships with confidence, control and compassion.

This group meets once weekly with sessions available online or in person.  Adolescent and adult series available.

For more details call Shavon at 720-505-3426.

Counseling and Coaching

Mental Health Counseling

Self-actualization speaks to the person you want to become and mental health counseling, or individual therapy, is the platform by which this can be achieved. Therapy empowers individuals on their personal journey of mental wellness and introspection. Therapy generally focuses on healing the past in order to create more peace in the present. 

Therapy helps you dive deeper into issues, often by exploring unresolved experiences from your past, traumas, diagnoses, or emotional pain points which may affect your ability to function or maintain healthy relationships. Therapy takes a broad approach to help you gain an understanding about why patterns in your thoughts, feelings, or behavior develop and how to use that understanding to create change. The process results in insight and a clearer understanding of who you are.

Therapy is a platform of personal growth. The therapeutic relationship creates opportunities to examine or make observations into your own mental and emotional processes, the capacity to explore your inner world and feelings, in addition to gaining the ability to foster a personal focus on planning and managing your life. Such personal growth allows you to improve your personal relationship with yourself as well as interact effectively with others. 

The therapeutic relationship capitalizes on the support of a socio-emotional environment for positive progress.  In addition to traditional talk-therapy, our approach to individual therapy incorporates facets of Applied Behavioral Analysis, Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Recreational therapy.

If you are experiencing stress, relationship strain, anxiety, low motivation, lack of interest, loss of a loved one or the break down of family bonds, individual therapy is a great way to address these issues.  Mental health counseling can help you improve communication and create positive change in your life.

Sessions are available for adolescents and adults and facilitated online or in person.

Mental Health Coaching

Mental health coaches partner with clients looking to enhance their well-being through self-directed lasting changes, aligned with their values. Coaching aims to be very forward thinking, strengths-based and rooted in motivational interviewing. Coaching encourages personal responsibility so participants utilize reflective thinking, self-discovery, and self-efficacy to discover their full potential.

Coaching is a way to help you identify and work towards your current and future goals through creating action-based plans and measuring your steps along the way. In contrast, counseling often focuses more on deep emotions and the past so that you can gain some insight into how your past is impacting your present and potentially blocking you from reaching your future goals. While coaching supports clients in activating internal strengths and external resources to make sustainable and healthy lifestyle behavior changes. 

Mental health coaches use a client-centered, solution focused, action oriented approach wherein clients decide their goals, engage in self-discovery or active learning processes, and self-monitor behaviors to increase accountability, all within the context of an interpersonal relationship.

Sessions are available for adolescents and adults and facilitated online or in person.

Services available for adolescents and adults

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an experience of therapeutic exploration with others with similar issues.  Within a structed, socio-emotional supportive environment, you are able to assess life experiences as they impact and influence your mood, behavior and outlook on the world and your place in it.  Learn to strengthen your ability to communicate and problem-solve as well as identify negative thinking patterns and warning signs in an effort to improve self-esteem and emotional well-being.



Social Anxiety Improv

Art Journaling

Parents Supporting a Child with a Mental Health Diagnosis

Parents Supporting a Child Diagnosed with Autism

Supporting a Loved One with a Mental Health Diagnosis

The Strength to Move Forward (Survivor's Group for Persons Who've Attempted Suicide)

Running the Race (Process Group for Persons Active in Mental Health Recovery)

A Safe Space (Support Group for LGBT Youth)

Getting to Know Me (Support Group for LGBT Young Adults)

In Motion (Mental Health Coaching Group for Persons Active in Mental Health Recovery)

Let Down Your Hair (Women's Empowerment Group for Self-Compassion and Life Balance)

All groups have a youth or adult tract and online options.  Please Email to learn more about any of the groups above.

Additional Services

Behavior Coaching

Resolved uses evidenced based practices and trained therapists in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to teach skills, eliminate problem behaviors and choreograph structure in any setting. Resolved offers specialized behavior programming beneficial with such diagnoses as Autism, Anxiety, Bipolar, developmental disorders and more as well as implementing behavior change featuring improvements in social communication, academic skills, gross and fine motor skills as well as reductions in tantrum, self-harm and ineffectual behaviors. Resolved provides an ABA therapist to discover and develop the socio-adaptable needs of each individual and work with families to create the best plan possible.

Executive Function Coaching

Difficulty beginning assignments, organizing classwork, or meeting deadlines can create anxiety, stress and affect academic motivation and performance. Resolved recognizes the impact this can have on focus, ability to execute tasks and, most importantly, positive self-concept.  Executive Functioning Coaching teaches the skills and strategies necessary to initiate, plan and prioritize as well as think flexibly, retain information, control impulses and maintain optimal focus within goal-oriented tasks. If your student is struggling or unmotivated to participate in school, Executive Functioning Coaching can bridge the gap.

Resource Navigation

Through an in depth needs assessment, a Resource Navigator will connect individuals and families to specialized service providers in the community.  Our navigators, well versed in the community resources, assist in researching, coordinating and setting up appointments with specifically tailored services. 

Care Coordination

Resolved care coordinators walk you through the initial phases on connecting and working with providers.  Our coordinators assist in navigating the procedures and requirements necessary to connect to community services with a high focus on your needs and objectives.  In addition to completing applications, obtaining authorizations and lining up the requested documentation, our care liaisons coordinate schedules, set up meetings and create action care plans. Our care liaison is your personal advocate.

Care coordination can help:

  • Autism Diagnostic Testing
  • Learning Diagnostic Testing
  • Connecting to specialized treatments (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, ect.)
  • IEP Meetings
  • Residential Placement
  • Insurance Appeals
  • Applying to Special Funding (Mental Health & Education)
  • College Applications

Family Coaching

Family coaching offers a core objective of improving communications, alleviating family discord and implementing cohesion through structure, boundary setting and therapeutic intervention. In addition to traditional talk therapy, Resolved uses engagements such as art, music and recreation (board games, family calendars, team work oriented activities) to foster closeness and openness within the family unit.  Additionally, Resolved incorporates techniques of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to teach skills, eliminate problem behaviors and choreograph structure in any setting. 

Career Coaching

Getting an initial footing while stepping into the workforce is a big challenge.  Resolved offers coaching that enhances your talents and skills, making you the best possible candidate for employers.  Resolve's career coaches assist in resume writing, job searches and mock interviewing.

Proudly serving the Neurodiverse and LGBT communities.

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